Basic Partial

Basic Partial


If you are on a tight budget and just need an economical Partial our Basic Acrylic Partials will do the job! Partials are for individuals that are missing two or more teeth but still have a few natural functioning teeth left. The basic partial package does not last as long, and is not esthetically as beautiful as our premium products BUT will get the job done. Heres a few features to expect on your partial(s);

  • made from an economy acrylic material(available in ethnic or non-ethnic shading)
  • economical False teeth(don’t last as long as premiums)

You will receive an Impression kit, here is what to expect in the kit:

  • An Infographic that explains how the process is handled.
  • Dental impression trays
  • Putty impression material
  • Bite wax
  • Condensed tooth color chart


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