Frequently Asked Questions
Questions About Shipping
  • Why are Mail Order Dentures so much cheaper than Dentist procured Dentures?

    The Overhead costs are the main reason. A Dentist has to undergo extensive training and has to maintain a fully staffed practice with many employees.  None of that applies to Mail Order prosthetic dentistry.  Most Dentists even with there “training” are not able to create a good prosthetic product, the magic happens in the lab & finally with modern technology and communication we the Dental Lab have the ability to sell directly to our customers.  Saving you anywhere from 60-75% by skipping the dentist all together!

  • Mail Order Time Line?

    We are currently averaging 3-4 weeks turn around time from the date of purchase.  If we are fabricating a custom order it may take up to an additional week(metal framework, intermediate step of try-in etc). Please consider the time delay, and remember, your mouthpiece is being custom made. Good news is that you do not need to take time out of your day to visit a clinic many times over but instead get to live your life and let us take care of it for you!

Questions You May Have
  • Can you use models of teeth?

    Yes, If you already have stone models of your teeth, package them extremely carefully and send an e-mail to me following the online order notifying me to look out for them. Also, if you have pictures of what you would like your appliance to look like then send that as well. The more info we have, the better the product! Once you purchase a product and make an account we will be able to establish an open line of communication for you via video/phone/email for all your questions/concerns/etc. We are here for our customers!

  • Do people complain about choking or gagging making the impression?

    To prevent gagging when taking the impressions put a little salt on the back of the tongue and its a much easier experience. Also, breathe through your nose when taking the impression, that will also help prevent gagging.

  • Is it really simple to take my own impressions at home?

    Taking your own impression is not difficult providing you follow our step-by-step instructions. We include a guide in our kits that will walk you through the entire process, plus we have pictures on our website for further clarification. And if you would like more information on the subject, there is plenty of information on the web(youtube, google). EASY!

The What are and What If's
  • What are Immediate Dentures?

    They Are Dentures that are inserted on the same day you get extractions. So if you decide to purchase immediately from us we would get an impression of your existing teeth PRE-extractions at the dental office and then you could take them with you to your extraction appointment and put them right in after your teeth our extract. Again, saving you hundreds of dollars!

  • What happens if the denture doesn’t fit?

    There is a possibility of that, yes. All of our discount dentures and partials are custom made, of course. All our products are covered with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty from the time of delivery.

    What would happen is that we would ask where it hurts/ does not fit/ needs adjustment.  If needed, we can hold a video conversation via skype/facetime/etc to get a visual on the issue(s). Our Customers get this service free of charge at any point in the fabrication process.

    After we do the adjustment by grinding out the areas marked by you, then it will go back for a new insertion try-out. If you still need more relief, then mark it again and resend. We try to go out of our way to please our customers, so don’t worry we will do our best to service you!

    *we just request your patience for 2 adjustments before we call that denture a failure. What now? At this point, you can get fully refunded within the 30-day mark. Our customer’s satisfaction means everything to us so we are always willing to do our best to make you happy!

  • Returns during product fabrication

    If a customer decides to abandon the processing of getting a product a cancellation fee of $75 per arch will be applied. Reason being is that we order custom materials for each order, if the materials have been used a fee will apply. Full refunds will be granted at the beginning(prior to materials being used) and once the product is fabricated(30-day money back garuntee).

  • What we don’t do?

    We do not accept insurance of any kind. This is a dentist-less denture fabrication process and this is the basis of our low prices versus a dentist-procured denture.

    “Guaranteed to fit dentures” means your current situation. We do not guarantee the fit of our denture for the future.

    Normal conditions allow a denture to be usable for 1-2 years before it needs a reline or rebase. Typically it is best to get a reline every 6 months for optimum use.

What Don't We Do?
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