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Wearable Premade Dentures

Wearable Premade Dentures


These Wearable Premade Dentures are great if your somebody who isn’t ready to commit to a custom smile & aren’t afraid to do some of your own adjusting. When paired with our Prosthetic Smile Glam Subscription, it’s a pretty awesome Low Cost, Fast Delivery Solution! They come in 3 different sizes:  S, M, L. We also have two grades of material to choose from: Semi-Flex & Acrylic. Our wearable premade dentures are excellent quality, unisex dentures and of course with pretty white teeth..we also have a bleaching shade available for these as-well. Brand new, never worn, cleaned and polished. The denture is not guaranteed to fit since it is pre-made and may require some adjustment for wearability. We recommend using a softliner to get a snug fit. Processing time is Aprox 2-7 business days. 1 Year Limited Warranty FREE of charge(limited time only). Below you will find approximate measurements for the different sizes we have available that will aid you in your selection:

♦ Upper h 2 and w 2  (in inches)
♦ Lower h 1.75 and w 2 to 2.25 (in inches)
♦ Upper h 2 and w 2.5 (in inches)
♦ Lower h 1.75 and w 2.25(in inches)
♦ Upper h 2 and w 2.5 to 2.75 (in inches)
♦ Lower h 2 and w 2.25 to 2.5(in inches)

***we do not accept refunds or returns on the display dentures BUT will be able to exchange them for smaller or larger sizes if the initial denture is still in its original form.


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