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Flexible Partial Smile

Flexible Partial Smile


If you have some teeth missing and are looking for a partial, we highly recommend our flexible partials! Our flexible partials are made from Duraflex material which means we can repair/add to them in the future unlike Valplast material. Our flexibles all come with premium teeth and are characterized as they are a premium product. Turn around time for this product is 4wks. Here are a few features to expect from your flexible partial(s):
  • Premium Duraflex material
  • Premium false Teeth
You will receive an Impression kit, here is what to expect in the kit:
  • An Infographic that explains how the process is handled.
  • Dental impression trays
  • Putty impression material
  • Condensed tooth color chart
  • 30 Day Limited Smile satisfaction guarantee
*The purpose of this product is purely for cosmetic purposes only, over the years we have seen most people who get dentures or partials not happy with the results they receive in clinic settings and thus we feel the more honest approach is to create custom cosmetic smile solutions.




Its always a good Idea to have warranty on your smile, with our limited warranty we cover any issues associated with the custom smile(cracks/breaks/etc).

Expedited Services

This is a great option for some of our customers who just need a quicker turn around time. Included with this upgrade is faster shipping & a working time frame that is aprox cut in half verse the standard turn around times.

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