Premium Dental Custom Guard

From: $90.00


Thank you for stopping by and allowing us the privilege of introducing yet another great Custom product of ours, our custom premium dental smile guards. We felt obligated to provide this product to our customers for several reasons but most importantly we feel skipping dental clinic visits and saving our customers 50% or more allows you to have more control of your time and resources. check out some of the amazing features our Custom Guards offer in the description below…






♦ Hand-Made. 100% 30 Day satisfaction Guarantee.

♦ 11 color combinations to choose from!

♦. Soft 1.6-2mm thick high quality Material

♦ Skip the hassle & cost of dental visits while retaining professional quality, delivered directly to your door.

♦ guards your teeth from Bruxism – grinding, clenching & shifting.  so comfortable you may even forget you’re wearing it!


You will also receive an Impression kit, here is what to expect from this smile and the kit in general:

♦ An Infographic that explains how the process is handled.

♦ Dental impression trays

♦ Putty impression material

♦ Condensed tooth color chart

**Replace your guard frequently  prior to the build up of dental plaque and stinky odors that could affect your oral health.

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