Semi-Flex Full Smile

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Looking for a custom smile? Tired of hard based acrylic smiles and looking for something with a little more flex to it? our semi-flex smiles might just be what you have been waiting for!  it’s made from high quality materials and of course, we only use premium false teeth for them as well. If you have difficulty with your current acrylic smile, give our semi-flex smiles a shot as it has smoother feel compared to acrylic dentures.Keep in mind this smile is not flexible but rather has a semi-rigid structure, the reason it is called a flexible is due to the fact that it is made from material that is flexible under pressure. It is definelty a smoother thinner smile all around verse an acrylic denture, the negative is that some clinics are not well versed in this material and may deny a reline request so make sure to get a few opinions if a clinic does not have the ability to reline the plate during its lifetime. Turn around time for this product is 6-8 weeks with a tryin, if you opt out of a tryin it is 4-6 weeks. 


Here are a few of the dentures features:

  • Premium SemiFlex material
  • Mid Grade False Teeth
  • An Infographic that explains how the process is handled.
  • Dental impression trays
  • Putty impression material
  • Condensed tooth color chart
  • qualifies for our 30 day Limited Smile satisfaction guarantee

*At times a “Try-in” will need to be made as an intermediate step to allow customers the chance to approve there new smile prior to receiving the finale finished product. Specifically for full-set dentures we have found this intermediate step to be most helpful in achieving successful results.




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