When taking your impressions make sure to press the tray all the way down and don’t forget to take both Top & Bottom Impressions!

Please realize that we can’t help everyone. People with severely crowded teeth still need the care of an orthodontist, those with a cavity still need a dentist, and those with an abscess still need an periodontist. But for those that only need minor adjustment, THIS IS THE GREATEST ALTERNATIVE!

Please print out the impression instructions below so you can follow along with the videos before attempting to take your impression.

We should note that at this time we do not carry return labels, when sending out your impressions back to us feel free to throw out the box and send them back in a zip-lock/envelope(much cheaper that way).

Video Tutorials

Instructions for the Intermediate “Try-In” Step

*please be very gentle with the wax setups as they are working models and if not handled with care can break, melt, etc*

The goal of this step is to determine that the size/shape/color/fit is correct. it will have imperfections as it is not a finished product at this stage.
When placing the wax models into your mouth do not bite down hard and do not keep them in your mouth for over a minute(we do not want the wax to begin to melt and change the tooth placement).
Feels and Looks Good?

Great! let us know and send the wax models back in the container it arrived in. Only ship it in that container as is creates a thermo-envelope to stop heat from getting in and melting the models. Each container comes with an ice pack, make sure to store it overnight in a refrigerator and then re-insert it when shipping it back to us(cant stress enough how important it is to keep the working models cool).
Something off with your smile?
•If its the wrong color or size of tooth, let is know and send it back so we can make corrections.
•If the teeth are not occluding properly(top and bottom not coming down correctly) than we have included a set of impression material to fix the bite.
Taking a Bite to Reset the try-in
what you need to do is simply mix the putty evenly( just like when we took impressions) and place it over the bottom teeth..bite down completely and let the putty dry while you hold that closed position, again do not bite with a lot of power..bite down gently and fully. Send everything back so we can correct the bite.
If you have questions or need guidance please reach out to us first prior to attempting anything as this will insure a smoother and more successful process.

Thank You for your business!
Additional instructions can be found on youtube and if you still have questions or concerns our customers can reach our customer support service for guidance.