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Here at DentKits we are not just any startup but aim for so much more, will you join us? We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our customers experience and are actively pioneering the health and beauty space, we provide a variety of custom cosmetic wearable solutions for the public along with our Teledental Provider integrated solutions. Here at DentKits we are able to provide custom smile solutions at a very attractive price & more importantly give you control over how and where you spend your time.

Serge Kalashnik, founder

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  • Randall B

    “Thanks for a Great Job On My Partial”

  • Katy S

    “Thank you for helping me so much and long live your business. I haven’t been this comfortable with my bite in decades ????”

  • Rose

    “My mom received her lower denture last Monday but waited until today to ask me to tell you guys thank you. She felt so comfortable with the lower denture you made her”

  • Fatina S

    “Hi there, I wanted to let you know I received the flexi partial and LOVE IT!”

  • Jerzy J

    “I appreciate buying from you, very professional services ????”

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JoBug Dillon
Spyda Lizz