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Some Words From Our CEO

A Few Words from Our CEO...

“I would like to welcome everyone who took the time out of their day to visit us, I promise you won’t regret it.  My name is Surge Kalashnik and let me take a few minutes of your time to show you how we can be of service to you. Our mission is to provide the public with an alternative path to conventional dentistry.  We believe that we can save our customers money and time while providing a product that is worth purchasing. With our dental prosthetic Kits, it is possible to take your own teeth impression(s) typically taking less than fifteen minutes for both the upper and lower teeth. Just drop the kit along with your impressions in the mail to our lab, the same lab dentists use, yet costing at a minimum of 50% less!  All you have to provide us is your teeth impression and don’t you worry because we also provide free support services to our customers.  Support services can be by phone or if our customers need visual instruction we also are available via skype, google, facetime, or even Viber. Look, I know our potential customers may be skeptical of us because we are “not the dentist” or “we are an online company”…But let me just say that at the beginning of my career I have been a dental assistant, I’ve worked in dental labs, and dental clinics and I can tell you from over 15 years of experience that Dentists are not the ones who create the products nor troubleshoot them, but instead rely heavily on us dental technicians. We are the ones who create your dental appliances and not only that, we troubleshoot cases when dentists cannot figure out what to do. All I can ask is that you take a leap of faith and let us serve you, and if you are not satisfied we do carry a warranty policy. We are here for the people and we want to save you time, energy and money while providing you with a product that serves its purpose.”

– Surge Kalashnik, CEO

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