Opportunities & Partnerships

For Dental practices…

Grow your practice with turnkey access to cosmetic & functional custom smiles.

Dentkits, a pioneer of the tele dental space is now piloting a program to make affordable, convenient functional custom smiles accessible through dental practices along with our cosmetic custom smiles. Great news for the millions with busy schedules to an inability to come in to a clinic setting for a number of reasons. And great news for you, too.

  • Increase your patient base.
  • Grow your practice.
  • Build the lifetime value of your patients.
  • more options for your customers
  • free up your dental staff and chairs for restorative work in-house

Our piloted program of dentist prescribed, directed, and managed solutions are tailored to build your practice without distracting from the care you provide and time you spend with your patients.

  • A quick 3D scan or impressions of your patient’s teeth are taken in your office.
  • DentKits takes it from here…
  • One of our state-licensed dentists designs a personalized treatment plan.
  • Custom smiles are shipped, direct to your patient.
  • Patient progress is monitored by DentKits team through our teledentistry platform.
  • Regular virtual check-ins conducted by DentKits guide treatment from beginning to end.

The benefits are all yours.

  • Easy, turnkey process.
  • No cost to be a participating practice.
  • No lab fees, no case management, and no additional chair time or appointments to schedule following initial consultation.
  • Smoothly integrates into your office’s workflow.
  • 3rd-party financing and collections.
  • Leverage DentKits brand and marketing.
  • Access to our referral network for patients needing dental work.
  • Presents new opportunities for existing patients.
  • Increases your in-office traffic and conversion rates.

Take our Teledental Fundamental Course today & integrate our services with your Clinic:

Ambassador/Influencer Opportunities

Reach out to us for more information as every opportunity we have for our Ambassador/Influencer program is different and varies depending on the reach you as a brand have but regardless we would love to partner and help more people smile with confidence again!