• Have you taken your Upper & Lower Impressions? Regardless if your getting only one or the other, we will need both impressions.
  • Have you taken your Bite Registration impression? We always need this as it helps us determine the way your top and bottom arches come together.
  • Have you selected your color shade provided on the postcard in your impression kit? if your still not sure what color you need, you can submit photos of what your looking for to our customer only portal down below
  • Lastly & arguably the most important step is to submit photos of your Impressions to our email: support@dentkits.com

Completing this crucial final step allows us to save time on shipping when impressions need to be retaken, make sure to include your order number with the pictures!

*please scroll through the tutorial videos and watch the guides that apply to your order

Thank You For Your Business!

Additional instructions can be found on YouTube and if you still have questions or concerns our customers can reach our customer support service for guidance.