Custom teeth for 60% less, all from the comfort of your home.

Skip the dental office and smile more.



Choose the best appliance for you

Get started on a new smile in just a few simple clicks. Choose a custom teeth appliance that best fits your situation.


Take impressions of your teeth

Follow our simple tutorials to take impressions of your teeth or gums. If you need help, we can guide you through the impression process.


We custom-design your new smile

Our U.S.-based lab technicians build your new teeth using state of the art dental 3D printing technology. You’ll be enjoying a new smile in two weeks or less!

Why Choose DentKits?

Avoid multiple clinical
visits and long waits.

Simple at-home impression process.

High-end care
at a low price

Made with strong,
quality materials

Conventional Dentures

  • Up to $2000 per denture
  • Up to 5 in-office visits
  • Dental office setting
  • Surprise costs and delays
  • Color selection by assistants
  • 60% or more savings
  • Simple, at-home process
  • Finish at your own pace
  • Low and flat fee pricing
  • Choose the tooth color YOU want



  • Randall B

    “Thanks for a Great Job On My Partial”

  • Katy S

    “Thank you for helping me so much and long live your business. I haven’t been this comfortable with my bite in decades.”

  • Rose

    “My mom received her lower denture last Monday but waited until today to ask me to tell you guys thank you. She felt so comfortable with the lower denture you made her”

  • Fatina S

    “Hi there, I wanted to let you know I received the flexi partial and LOVE IT!”

  • Jerzy J

    “I appreciate buying from you, very professional services.”

Smile story
Spyda Lizz