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If you’re missing 1-2 teeth, the flipper (or nesbit) is your best option to replace them. Once you take an impression of your teeth, our lab constructs a custom appliance with premium acrylic.  A flipper will be shipped to you within 10 business days of receiving approved impressions.  

All orders include an impression kit. Our impression kit includes the following:

  • Small, Medium and Large Sized Impression Trays
  • Five Sets of Dental-Grade Impression Material
  • Teeth Shade Selection Chart
  • Comprehensive Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Return Box and Label Included


How Getting A Flipper Tooth Works.

1. At-Home Impressions.

‍‍Shipped straight to you. Includes easy instructions. It only takes a few minutes. Free return shipping.

2. Doctor Prescribed.

Your impressions are used to design a personalized flipper. Approved by a licensed in-state dentist.

3. Smile On.

Enjoy your new smile. Our flippers are 3x more fracture resistant, 2x more moisture resistant* vs other resin based dentures.

*Fracture resistance defined by Flexcera™ Base work of fracture (J/m²) vs. published work of fracture for Lucitone® Digital Print, Lucitone® 199 and Lucitone® HIPA by Dentsply Sirona;

Moisture resistance third party tested for Flexcera™ Smile vs. NextDent MFH Bleach, 2021 (results at https://health.desktopmetal.com/products/materials/flexcera/)

Saving Money With DentKits

Average Clinical Flipper Denture Cost:$900
Average Insurance Coverage:25%
Out Of Pocket Cost:$675
DentKits Flipper Denture:$319

Why DentKits Is The Future Of Dentistry.

No clinic visits
and long waits
Simple at-home
impression process
No hidden fees
or upselling
Made with strong,
quality materials

How We Make Flipper Dentures.

1. Digitize.

We make a 3D model of your teeth by scanning your impressions using state of the art imaging cameras.  

2. Print.

A state-licensed dentist will review and prescribe your partial. Our designs are brought to life with cutting edge 3D printing technology.

3. Shine.

Our U.S.-based lab technicians build, shape and characterize your new teeth so they can be strong, look real, and last.

What’s In DentKits’ Impression Kit

Popular Flipper Tooth Questions

Yes. The flipper denture material we use is about 3x as fracture resistant and about 2x as moisture resistant as the next leading 3D printed denture material. This means you get the a strong and long lasting flipper denture to keep you smiling for years to come.

Dentures, in general, are meant to last for a long time. With proper care, flippers can last for a long time. They generally do not last as long as full dentures given their size. With denture protection by DentCare (included in every DentKits order), you can order an exact replacement of your denture at an even cheaper cost at any point in time… forever. If you break them, lose them, have a dog chew them up, we are here to replace your dentures at the lowest cost ever available.

A flipper denture is meant to replace 1-2 teeth per arch (each arch has 16). Flippers are for people in the specific situation of missing 1-2 teeth. Flippers feature a palette, unlike a nesbit, which provides the majority of it’s retention. A flipper tooth helps a person by making eating & chewing comfortable, improving self-esteem & confidence, maintaining a full smile and improving speech. DentKits is proud to provide a flipper denture that is well fitted to meet your daily needs and give you a smile you will fall in love with.

Clinical dentures can be a costly procedure. Our goal at DentKits is to make dentures more affordable. And we believe we have done just that. According to recent studies of clinical pricing, flippers can range from $500 to $1,000. DentKits’ flipper denture is $299. Even if your insurance covers 25%, as some do, we allow people to save $75 – $700 for a flipper denture.

Yes. Advanced tele-dentistry allows us to have a licensed dentist in your state prescribe your flipper denture. Add that to our market leading 3D scanning, designing and printing technology and you get the most cutting edge from-home flipper denture.

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