Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You May Have

Can I use models I already have?

It may be possible to use your existing models if they’re detailed enough for the product you’re ordering. However, some models may be poured in stone that’s not adequate to construct a custom appliance. If you’d like us to check your existing models, email clear, close-up photos of your models and let us know:

  • When they were obtained.
  • If you’ve lost any teeth since the models were made.
  • Who made the impressions and their original purpose.
  • What product you’re planning to order.

Do people complain about gagging or choking when making impressions?

If you gag when brushing your tongue, you may feel a tendency to gag when taking impressions. Two tricks that often work well to help with this problem include:

  • Stick out your tongue and sprinkle a little salt on the back of it. Salt often helps stop the gag reflex.
  • Take long deep breaths through your nose while the impression is in place. Air movement behind the gag reflex region often helps, too.

Is it really that simple to take impressions at home?

We know you’re not used to taking your own impressions, but we’ve made it easy for you. We include a detailed guide in our kits that will walk you through the entire process. We’ve chosen quality impression material with extra for practice. Plus, we include various sizes of trays to help you find a comfortable fit that captures the most detail.  Familiarize yourself with all the steps before beginning, and submit photos of your impressions for evaluation. If needed, we’ll give you tips to improve any deficiencies in your second impression.

The What Are And What If’s

What are Immediate Smiles?

Immediate Smiles are inserted on the same day your existing teeth are removed. If you’d like to have teeth right after extractions, impressions are taken before your procedure. Our certified lab constructs your new appliance so you never go without teeth. Please allow adequate time for the steps needed to deliver your appliance before your clinical appointment.

NOTE: Immediate Smiles require temporary liners for the best fit as the gums heal and shrink. In some cases, denture adhesive may be adequate as gums change. After a few months, a permanent liner should be placed or a new permanent denture made for the best fit.

What happens if my new Smile doesn’t fit right?

There are many factors that affect the fit of your new smile including the shape of your gums and bone, the quality of your impression, and your habits. You may need to use a denture adhesive product to help secure your teeth, a common strategy for users. Also, full sets of lower teeth tend to “float,” due to the movement of the tongue and surrounding muscles. However, all of our finished products are covered with a limited 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

The best appliances made by any lab deliver about 20% of the bite power of natural teeth, and the shape of the gums determines the “holding” power. But if you’re unable to place your new teeth or secure them with adhesive, we will evaluate if our lab can adjust or remake the smile. If our team determines the issue is due to anatomy and that a remake will produce the same result, we will advise you on possible products or methods to help. In this case, no refund will be given.

If you determine you can modify or remake, what happens?

We may be able to adjust your existing appliance based on your feedback. After you send it back to us and we make the adjustment, we’ll send it to you for a new try-in. In the rare event that we determine a complete remake is needed, we’ll send you a new impression kit with instructions for any modifications to help obtain a different result.

Returns during product fabrication/refunds/credits

If requested before the impression kit is sent, a full refund will be granted. If requested after the kit is sent, we will refund the order minus the cost of the kit. We order non-reusable, custom materials for each order (impression kits, wax, teeth, acrylics, monomer). We offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all our finished custom products. Any approved refunds may take up to 30-90 days.

*if an order is stuck in “limbo”(you discontinue or fail to send in necessary materials to complete the order) beyond 180 calendar days, you will need to restart the process and partial credit will be given on your new order.

Do you accept insurance or dental benefit plans?

We do not accept insurance of any kind. However, you’re welcome to submit order information to insurers to see if they’ll reimburse you for your purchase. No guarantee is made that any company will do so.

How long will my Smile last?

Every Smile is custom-made for you from the same materials dental offices use. Appliance durability varies considerably dependent on your habits, diet, and care habits along with the type of appliance.