How Long Does It Take To Make Immediate Dentures After Impressions?

When a patient learns that they need immediate dentures, the first question they ask is how long it will take and how much it will cost.

We understand that you have lots of questions in your mind. How long does it take to make immediate dentures? How much does it cost? Who is the doctor? Can I have a fixed date for my appointment?

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How Long Does It Take To Make Immediate Dentures After Impressions?

Immediate dentures, also called same-day dentures, are placed immediately following tooth extraction. Therefore, they can be a terrific confidence booster for individuals who have lost their natural teeth. These dentures instantly replace missing teeth after their extraction or loss.

Individuals who have already lost their teeth and require a replacement denture within 24 hours also utilize them. Same-day dentures can offer numerous advantages, allowing patients undergoing tooth extractions to boost their confidence and avoid going weeks (or even months) without new teeth.

What Exactly Are Immediate Dentures?

You can use immediate dentures following tooth extraction. They are referred to as “same-day dentures.”

The real advantage of immediate dentures is that you can always smile. After getting immediate dentures, you may speak and smile openly. You may enjoy the moment without bothering over how your teeth or smile appear.

With immediate dentures, you can consume actual meals. You can maintain your independence right away without waiting for a set of traditional prostheses.

If you have anxiety about going weeks or months without teeth, immediate dentures may be a good option.

Regular dentures vs. immediate dentures

Regular dentures often fit better than immediate dentures due to the meticulous measuring and molding technique, which is the primary distinction between the two types of dentures.

The main disadvantage of conventional dentures is that they need your dentist to assess your mouth after removing your teeth. There will come a moment when you won’t have any teeth, and conventional dentures can be labor-intensive to create.

Keep in mind that your mouth will be assessed for regular dentures after it has recovered from the oral surgery. As a result, you may go weeks or months without teeth while waiting for your new prosthesis.

Fortunately, once all the tissue and removals have healed, regular dentures are correctly fitted for your mouth. Therefore, traditional dentures may be more comfortable to wear than temporary ones.

In contrast to conventional dentures, immediate dentures are created before teeth are extracted. Having immediate dentures, you never depart the dentist without a smile. As the name says, immediate dentures enable same-day extractions and dentures.

What Is the Process for Immediate dentures?

  1. Before making same-day dentures for people who have had their teeth pulled, a dentist or dental technician will use a mold to make an impression of the teeth. 
  2. Following the creation of the dentures from this impression, they are prepared for implantation as quickly as possible and on the day of the extraction. 
  3. The custom-made prosthesis will be placed over the gums immediately after the teeth are extracted. This will give the gum tissue additional protection as it heals and fills in the spaces that would otherwise be left in the mouth.
  1. You will need to return to the clinic for follow-up visits for denture relining during the course of the healing process, which could take many months. Relining same-day dentures can help ensure they remain well-fitted, which can help extend their lifespan and general durability. 
  2. The same-day dentures are often replaced with a fresh set intended to appear and fit better than the old ones once the recovery process is through. At this stage of the operation, some individuals might choose implants or a more durable set of teeth.

What to Expect When Getting Your First Denture

  • Refrain from taking out your dentures during the first 24 hours. The denture actually won’t hurt too much and will stop the bleeding.
  • After extractions, some inflammation is to be expected. Hold an ice pack to the jaw regions where teeth have been pulled to reduce swelling and stop the bleeding. fifteen minutes on and fifteen minutes off.
  • Take Tylenol or your dentist’s medication if you’re feeling uncomfortable.
  • After the first day, remove the denture four or five times daily and rinse your mouth with warm salt water. For the first week, follow this. The denture may be worn while you sleep.
  • You will come back in a week to get any sutures removed.
  • The first week should be spent eating soft foods while you gradually assess your tolerance. What was once simple for you to eat can now be exceedingly challenging.
  • Up to 1000 milligrams of vitamin C daily will encourage and support oral healing during the first two weeks. The benefits of abstaining from smoking and alcohol would also apply.
  • You’ll discover that a denture adhesive will help keep the denture in place.
  • Call your dentist immediately if you experience sore places so we can take care of it as quickly as possible.

Immediate Dentures: Pros and Cons

Temporary dentures have advantages and disadvantages like any other tooth replacement solution.

Immediate dentures’ advantages:

  • You won’t go without teeth
  • As you wait for your personalized dentures, allow yourself to smile confidently.
  • reduces bleeding irritability, aids in the recovery of the gum following tooth extraction
  • defends your gums against damage or infection
  • You’ll be able to eat correctly and speak.
  • Ensure the alignment of your face.
  • You can afford the price of immediate dentures.

Immediate dentures’ drawbacks

  • They might be a pricey temporary fix while you wait for your personalized permanent dentures.
  • The fit might not be perfect.
  • They can move or slide if you wonder whether immediate dentures are permanent.
  • They don’t perform as well or feel as natural-looking as your teeth.
  • You might need some time before you feel at ease wearing them.
  • You should have them adjusted regularly to account for jawbone shrinkage caused by tooth extraction.
  • The cost of acquiring instant dentures will increase overall due to adjustments.
  • Till the jawbone is firm and your permanent prosthesis is ready to be made, you will need to wear temporary dentures for a few months.

Wondering if Immediate dentures are right for you? 

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