Immediate Full Denture

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If you need to have your teeth removed, but you don’t want to compromise your smile, the Immediate Temp Full Smile is for you.  You take impressions of your mouth before your extractions and send them in. Our lab creates an appliance that can be inserted right after surgery for an instant smile. The temporary appliance is constructed from high-quality resin and can be relined with soft relining material for a better fit as your gums heal. An immediate denture will be shipped to you within 10 business days of receiving approved impressions.

All orders include an impression kit. Our impression kit includes the following:

  • Small, Medium and Large Sized Impression Trays
  • Five Sets of Dental-Grade Impression Material
  • Teeth Shade Selection Chart
  • Comprehensive Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Return Box and Label Included


How Getting An Immediate Denture Works.

1. At-Home Impressions.

‍‍Shipped straight to you. Includes easy instructions. It only takes a few minutes. Free return shipping.

2. Doctor Prescribed.

Your impressions are used to design a personalized denture. Approved by a licensed in-state dentist.

3. Smile On.

Enjoy your new smile. Our dentures are 3x more fracture resistant, 2x more moisture resistant* vs other resin based dentures.

*Fracture resistance defined by Flexcera™ Base work of fracture (J/m²) vs. published work of fracture for Lucitone® Digital Print, Lucitone® 199 and Lucitone® HIPA by Dentsply Sirona;
Moisture resistance third party tested for Flexcera™ Smile vs. NextDent MFH Bleach, 2021 (results at

Saving Money With DentKits

Average Clinical Immediate Denture Cost:$2000
Average Insurance Coverage:50%
Out Of Pocket Cost:$1000
DentKits Immediate Denture:$549

Why DentKits Is The Future Of Dentistry.

No invasive or
embarrassing exams
Simple at-home
impression process
Up to 60% off your
local dental office
Made with strong,
quality materials

How We Make Immediate Dentures.

1. Digitize.

We make a 3D model of your teeth by scanning your impressions using state of the art imaging cameras.  

2. Print.

A state-licensed dentist will review and prescribe your denture. Our designs are brought to life with cutting edge 3D printing technology.

3. Shine.

Our U.S.-based lab technicians build, shape and characterize your new teeth so they can be strong, look real, and last.

What’s In DentKits’ Denture Impression Kit

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Popular Immediate Denture Questions

Yes. Although immediate dentures take some getting used to, they are meant to provide teeth to continue your life. This includes eating, talking, etc. It is ill advised to do anything that could jeopardize the healing of your gums and talking with your local dental professional will help clarify what those things can be.

The treatment of healing gums and the subsequent timing of immediate dentures and/or permanent dentures should be discussed with your local dental professional. Generally, immediate dentures can last as long as regular full dentures. However, they are only meant to be worn for around 6 months. This gives your gums time to heal so proper impressions can be taken to provide a well fitting denture. Immediate dentures can be relined to continue to fit well while they are being used.

Immediate dentures are for immediately after the pulling of teeth. The impressions for immediate dentures should be taken when teeth are still present. Immediate dentures are designed and made so they are available after the procedure. Immediate dentures serve the purpose of providing a person with functional teeth up to the point that they receive final dentures.

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