How Much Do Dentures Cost? (And How To Get Them For Free)

Having missing teeth can affect your life in many ways. It can prevent you from smiling and enjoying the food you love. And it also has several consequences on your oral health such as gum disease, tooth decay, and teeth crowding or spacing. 

To help prevent these problems, your dentist will recommend getting a tooth replacement treatment such as dentures.

Dentures are a removable dental appliance that is used for the treatment of tooth loss. It can replace a single tooth, multiple, and even a full set of missing teeth to complete your smile. Aside from teeth, it can also treat the loss of surrounding gum and bone structures.

Depending on how many teeth you want to be replaced, dentures can either be complete or partial. Complete dentures are for a full arch of missing teeth while partial dentures are used if you have missing teeth between healthy teeth. There are also the subtypes of partial dentures, the flippers and nesbits.

If you’re looking to get your smile, confidence, and overall health back with dentures, read along to find out the best type of dentures for you and learn how much it would cost you.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures

Let us first understand what could influence the cost of getting your smile fixed with dentures.

  1. Number of Missing Teeth

The more teeth that needs to be replaced, the higher you can expect the cost to be. Because of course, more material is needed for a full arch complete denture as opposed to partial dentures.

  1. Location in Your Mouth

Dentures made for the front teeth can cost higher than dentures for the back teeth. This is because they are more meticulously made wherein extra attention is given to your facial structures and smile line. A custom denture for the front teeth is designed to create a natural-looking smile. (where back teeth are for more for function)

  1. Denture Material

As years go by, more materials to make dentures are released in the market. Such as, for partials, the pink denture base which replicates the gums can be made of metal alloys and pink acrylic resin or flexible polymer. Each has its own pros and cons and would vary in cost as well.

  1. Pre-denture Procedures

Some patients would need additional dental treatments done before they can get treated with dentures and this will increase the total cost. Some recommendations may include teeth cleaning, dental fillings, or even tooth extractions. These are necessary so you can enjoy a healthier and beautiful smile.

  1. Additional Clinic Costs

There are dental clinics that charge more than other clinics. This is usually due to higher overhead costs such as if their laboratory fees are more expensive or if they are equipped with modern materials such as digital mouth scanners. These costs would be transferred to the patient so you can expect to spend more.

How Much do Dentures Cost?

So what exactly is the cost of dentures? Here is a rough estimate of the denture cost in the United States.

Denture TypeAverage Cost
Complete or Full Dentures (for one jaw arch)$650 – $8,000
Partial Dentures (for one jaw arch)$600 – $2,500
Flippers$350 – $1,200
Nesbits$300 – $700

Types of Dentures

Complete or Full Dentures

Average Cost: $650 – $8,000

If you have a full set of missing teeth, whether it is for the upper or lower jaw, or both, complete dentures are for you.  Complete dentures rely on the gums and the arch ridge for support so they do not fall off or move when you eat or talk. They are usually made from rigid pink acrylic resin and resin or porcelain false teeth.

The main problem with a full set of missing teeth is that the jaws and facial muscles are unsupported. This can cause problems with the jaw joints and structure of the face. And this is also the reason why patients with a full set of missing teeth look older. So, complete dentures should be designed to counteract these consequences. 

Low cost dentures can cost around $650, while premium dentures can go as high as $8,000. And dental visits can take around 5 – 7 from scanning your mouth, getting the trial dentures fit and adjusted, then for the final placement of the dentures into your mouth to complete your smile.

Partial Dentures

Average Cost: $600 – $2,500

If you still have some healthy teeth left and you just want to fill in some teeth gaps, partial dentures are the type of teeth replacement for you. Depending on what material you opt for, you can expect your partials to cost as low as $600 or as high as $2,500.

Premium partial dentures are usually made of a flexible polymer that is extremely lightweight and comfortable in the mouth. They do not have metal alloys that can sometimes show when you smile. So they are the most natural-looking material for partial dentures. Also, because they are flexible, they are easier to fit in the mouth especially if you have multiple missing spaces spread across your upper or lower jaw.

But you can also go for the low-cost acrylic base dentures which are the traditional denture material. They are slightly heavier and can be bulky in the mouth during the first few days of use, but it gets easier and more comfortable with daily use.


Average Cost: $600 – $2,500

Flippers are a removable type of partial denture retainer that replaces one or two missing teeth. It sits along the roof of the mouth or across the lower jaw and it extends across the ridge. Because it spans over the entire jaw ridge, it is a great choice if your teeth spaces are spread across the jaw.

These removable retainers can cost roughly $600 – $2,500. But flippers are mainly for temporary use as they do not have reliable durability that can withstand daily functions of the teeth such as eating and chewing.

Instead, they are used as transition dentures which is useful if you have a series of tooth extraction to be done or while you wait for your partial dentures. They are processed quicker so you do not have to worry about a phase without teeth. This is especially useful if you have front teeth that are missing so you can confidently smile and speak.


Average Cost: $300 – $700

For a single missing tooth or two missing teeth that are on one side of your mouth, nesbits are an affordable alternative. They are kept in place by clasps made of pink flexible material. These clasps hold on to adjacent healthy teeth and gums for support so they do not budge when you speak or eat.

Because of the fewer materials needed to make a nesbit partial denture, this will only cost you anywhere between $300 to the more premium $700.

However, because these nesbits are so small and are kept in place by few supporting areas, there is a high danger of it being dislodged and swallowed. So, they remain to be more of a temporary option compared to long-term use.

Are dentures really necessary?

More than your appearance, a missing tooth or teeth also have consequences on your health. So, yes, it is important to replace them. And perhaps the best and most affordable option you have is dentures.

Some of the benefits of dentures that you can enjoy are:

  • Prevents shifting of teeth towards the space
  • Supports the facial structures for a more youthful appearance
  • Maintains excellent oral health
  • Improves your bite and jaw condition
  • Preserves the gums and bone 
  • Prevents teeth crowding or spacing
  • Improves your speech
  • Enhances your smile and appearance
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Encourages an overall positive wellbeing

High-Quality, Low-Cost Dentures at DentKits

But we do understand that some patients do not have the luxury of time to make several dental visits for their dentures. While some just cannot fit dentures into their budget. With that, DentKits are made.

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The entire process is simple and straightforward. Simply choose an appliance that works for you — we have full dentures, partial dentures, flippers, and nesbits. We also have different price points for some of these denture types depending on the material you want. This is to so we can better accommodate your budget and preferences.

Then, take your mouth impression with our impression kit. It includes everything you need, from the trays, impression material, and a step-by-step guide on how to do your impression. Once done, just send it to us and we’ll work our magic to create custom dentures for you.

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