Dental Impression Kit



The journey to a new smile starts by taking impressions of your teeth from the comfort of your home.  

No matter what denture you need, the impression kit is the first step.

  • Full Dentures: Upper, Lower or Both
  • Partial Dentures: Upper, Lower or Both
  • Nesbit
  • Flipper


Saving Money With DentKits

Average Clinical Full Denture Cost:$2000
Average Insurance Coverage:50%
Out Of Pocket Cost:$1000
DentKits Full Denture:$499

Why Choose DentKits?

No invasive or
embarrassing exams
Simple at-home
impression process
Up to 60% off your
local dental office
Made with strong,
quality materials

How You Go From Impression Kit
To Beautiful Smile

1. Order An Impression Kit.

It only takes a few minutes. Free return shipping. Complete when you are ready to order your denture.

2. Order Your Denture

Whether you need a partial, full or just a flipper or nesbit. We are standing by. Order when you are ready.

3. Receive Your New Smile

Your impressions are used to design a personalized denture. Approved by a licensed in-state dentist.

How We Make Dentures.

1. Digitize.

We make a 3D model of your teeth by scanning your impressions using state of the art imaging cameras.  

2. Print.

A state-licensed dentist will review and prescribe your denture. Our designs are brought to life with cutting edge 3D printing technology.

3. Shine.

Our U.S.-based lab technicians build, shape and characterize your new teeth so they can be strong, look real, and last.

Pay At Your Own Pace

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Popular Denture Questions

Yes. Advanced tele-dentistry allows us to have a licensed dentist in your state prescribe your denture. Add that to our market leading 3D scanning, designing and printing technology and you get the most cutting edge from-home denture.

Yes. The l denture material we use is about 3x as fracture resistant and about 2x as moisture resistant as the next leading 3D printed denture material. This means you get a strong and long lasting denture to keep you smiling for years to come.

Absolutely. DentKits uses advanced 3D imaging and teledentistry to send the details of your case including impression scans, denture design, basic patient information and more to a license dentist in your state. They review this information and prescribe your denture. If they have any issues with the design or questions for you we work with them to answer any questions. We won’t move forward to printing until a prescription is made.

We use advanced imaging cameras to create 3D models of your gums and teeth. From those models we design a beautiful set of teeth. Our cutting edge dental 3D printer prints your customized smile.

Dentures are categorized by how many teeth they replace. Consider taking our Denture Assessment to find out if you are a candidate for online dentures. Or click over to our Buy Online Dentures page to see which product is right for you by clicking the available situations at the top of the page. Missing 1-2 teeth, consider a flipper tooth or nesbit. Missing more than 2 teeth but still have teeth, consider an online partial denture. Missing all of your teeth, consider an online full denture. If you have dental implants, we are working on a solution for you soon. You can order whatever you need for your upper and lower arch.

We send you an impression kit. You complete your impressions and send them back. We design, prescribe, print and ship your denture. You enjoy your beautiful new smile.

Our dentures are printed using the very best in digital denture technology. They should last as long as any other comparable dentures. Meaning, they will last as long as they are well taken care of.

Our process is patient-directed. Meaning, our processing time varies depending on the item ordered and lab status but is around 14 days. If you want to take a few days while doing your impressions or need to pause during the process, we will follow your timeline.

If you are having trouble doing your impressions we would ask that you reach out to us via email at We would be happy to help and if more help is needed, we will schedule a teledental visit with one of our providers or dental technicians.

Our dentures are made with Flexcera Base and Flexcera Smile resins which were proven to be the most break and moisture resistant resins available. If your denture were to break, we can replace the exact denture for the price of a duplicate.

We design our dentures to fit the impressions sent in to us. Our full arch dentures require a try-in to be sent first. This is to adjust fit and bite issues before the final denture is delivered. For partials, flippers and nesbits, we can request a description of the issue or new impressions to adjust the fit issue. Sometimes people’s impression can be inaccurate and if that is the case, we hope to address that via try-ins, descriptions and a second set of impressions.

Additional information

Choose Edentulous/Dentulous

Edentulous (no teeth), Dentulous (have some or all teeth)